Monday, November 14, 2011

Ah!! I am back on track!! I swear!

The last several days threw some unexpected curve balls towards me so I sincerely apologize to anyone who waits in anticipation for the ramblings of moi!

I am back, with a dented bank account, thanks to my jerky car who waited until I moved halfway across the country to throw a little hissy fit... well two hissy fits. I have been dealing with jumper cables, tow trucks, language barriers, and well, a lot of other stuff but I put my big girl panties on and I am back in action.

Let's catch up with a little late but better than never post about our Monday artists! Shall we??

Yee-Haw Industries - Letterpress!!!!
Knoxville, TN

They say, and I quote, "All Letterpress, All The time." Really, really great stuff. The one thing I regret about our Knoxville, TN trip is that we never got to their store.
So sad.

Miss Fitt
North Carolina

This artist has some really amazing items. She was positioned across from me at a holiday show one year and I just had to stare (and visit, a lot) at her work all day. I am pretty sure I just kept trying on a things but can't pull it off as well as this gal.

I have been seeing a TON of adorable little baby and kid things ALL over and I can't help but koo and oogle and awwww and get the urge to PINCH something!!! These craaaazy cute pieces are fit for that special wee one in your life. What kid WOULDN'T want an awesome pirate hat or the chance to turn into an amazing animal.

I love the sneak peek into her work space as well... check out the website!!!

Sweet Mess
, NC

Etsy Shop

More owls?? OK... you got it!!


Gorgeous prints and affordable so that anyone can have their walls adorned with these fantastic mixed media artworks. I love the bright colors in this one.

This one is less vibrant and almost haunting. Such beautiful animals and beautiful work.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks artists!!

I will be on top of things the rest of the week. Girl scouts honor.



  1. Thank you so much for the lovely feature!

    (I purchased a fiddle print from Yee-Haw Industries at the LEAF Festival last month~ it was a big hit at my house. And I LOVE that deer hat!)

  2. You are most welcome!!! I plan to purchase lots of goodies in the near future.. My dream is to have one of everything from each artist feature!