Sunday, March 24, 2013

Austin Flea recap! March 23, 2013 - The Rattle Inn

If you have never been to an Austin Flea event, you are missing out!  Imagine some of the hippest vendors selling vintage, handmade, jewelry, clothing, etc. in one of the many Austin venues that blare the coolest music, sling the yummiest cocktails and drinks (mimosas included) on a beautiful Texas day. Don't worry, they happen every 6-8 weeks! You can get to the next one...

When you walk into an Austin Flea, chances are you will see these ladies faces.  You can pick up a cool screen printed bag with the bad ass logo for cheap and then carry all of your goodies that you scored!

Meet Kristin and Amanda being (kinda) photobombed by a tiny little Corina and a waving Brittany!

When you walk up, you see the street lined with vendors... this is a common thing in Austin.  One of the reasons I love this town.  The arts are alive like woah here.....

and don't forget the food trucks!!  This was my lunch.  YUM!  Vegetarian taco with queso and guacamole with smoked corn.  Choose your style: Tex or Mex!  Valentina's!!!!

A lot of the vendors used this event for some Spring Cleaning...time to get creative for 2013!

There is a good chance that Ashley of Inviting: A letterpress boutique will greet you when you enter a venue.  She is a regular vendor of the flea and is always showing off new and awesome products.  This event she was announcing her personalized Texas stationary! Now offered in her Etsy shop.  Check it out! Also an Austin Craft Riot member!

Below are just some of the goodies I got to stare at all day from Moontower Vintage!  Owned by Krystal and Jen!  Check out their Etsy and their Facebook page.  I got to walk away with a vintage scale - just the the one in the middle photo.  Woo! score!

I got to share the stage with Chase and Scout Design Studios! Check out these cool plates!! They also sell some fun jewelry and have a vintage shop.  I love having neighbors that I have never met before.

Austin Craft Riot members Tara of Lost Little Things (top) and Amy of Monster Dance Designs working their booths (and eating cookies!)
 Some other Austin Craft Riot members that were there: *annemarie*, LaLa, Jen Hearts Art by Lillian, Liz Potter Photography! There were so many great vendors and I regret not getting around to take more photos.  For a list of full vendors and links to their shops, visit!

Happy Sunday! Go do something fun!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

AN UPDATE: Scott Wade - Dirty Car Art spotted!!

This morning over coffee I was feeling pretty motivated and a little daring so I sent out a few e-mails that I normally would shy away from.  None of which I regret at 11:30 at night so I am happy about that.  One that I am SUPER excited that I wrote, because I got a response from Scott Wade himself!!! 

To sum up my e-mail it went like this:

"OMG! Giddy, giddy, giddy! What a surprise!! OMG...freak out."

(well, not really, but it WAS enthusiastic with lots of exclamation points.)

I asked him 3 questions:

  1. Do you spot cars and create? or do you prep them? 
  2. Was this your truck or someone else's?
  3. Do you have a hidden camera inside to watch reactions? (because ours were probably pretty funny)

He took time out of his day to write me back and answered all of these!!  So, I thought I would share.

#2 - This truck was his friend's who lives in Texas.  It was done for Killeen's "Take 190 West" art festival that was on March 2nd.

#1 - He prepped the side window to do another one but the weather won and he only got the back done.

#1 - For events, (yes, you can hire him...DO IT and invite me, k?) he has a special method for preparing vehicles but claimed he still loves the "natural canvas" of a really dirty car.  (I LOVE THAT!!!)  He also confessed to drawing a silly face on a car at his work building because he couldn't resist.  (LOVE THAT TOOOO!)  He respects people's property and doesn't want to do too much on a car without permission but sometimes can't help it.  (Who wouldn't love to walk to their car and see something??)

I give you permission!!

and now....#3 - no camera but he did say he loved the idea!  (awesome! I think Sandi gets credit for the camera idea - def something she would think of..haha) He talked about a show with his ideas but I will keep those his secret and not ruin anything and keep my fingers crossed it happens.  It would be so fun to watch!

 I borrowed this image from a story because I like to see faces of people I read/write about. 

Kind e-mail, kind smile, awesome art, awesome day!

The Austin Flea is right around the corner!!

Become a Facebook fan and learn how you can get an extra discount at the event!

(Valid in person only - discount offered after updated inventory is listed online)


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Scott Wade - Dirty Car Art Spotting!!!

During my trip to Fort Worth we visited the modern art museum and when we pulled into the lot to park, THIS is what we saw!!!! 

Every once in a while, these e-mails get circulated with some amazing art made out of mud and dirt.  Artist Scott Wade creates these masterpieces and we saw an ORIGINAL Dirty Car Art!!!!!!

This piece was signed by Scott Wade and dated with a time of 3:45 PM.  Awesome. 

Look at the detail!!!!!!  This picture doesn't do it justice.  

We have no idea if this was HIS car or if he just finds dirty cars and draws on them.  I kind of like the mystery behind it.

The side of this truck had a window that looked like it was prepped for another one.

We even thought that maybe he had a camera inside to watch the reactions of people.  If that was the case, he would be entertained because we were totally excited to see this! 

Check out more of Scott Wade's work HERE!

The perfect surprise for an art day at the museum!!!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hale House Vintage - A mini tour in Fort Worth, TX

This LARGE turquoise plane would catch your eye too, right?  Well, not only was it this huge plane that had me U-turn my car around in a city that in my opinion, is REALLY scary to drive in.  Maybe it has something to do with me being super protective of the newest car I have ever owned, or maybe it was the time I tried to switch lanes (with my blinker on) and had a horn honked at me for literally 10 seconds. 

I speak of Fort Worth, TX. 

A city otherwise full of hospitality and friendly folks.  Each place we ate at had amazing service with a smile and they were all curious where the ladies with the orange bags came from.  The National Art Education Association convention took place in Fort Worth this year.  A city filled with our large orange bags to snag all of the free swag from art supply vendors covered the town along with free cowboy hats from Michaels that were decorated with Texas glitz and glam.  With the colorful rhinestones decorating these hats, you could see the teachers from a mile away. 

The morning we found this awesome little shop we were on our way to find a cafe to finish up our last minute presentations.  Yes, even teachers are sometimes unprepared.  (sshhhhhh!!!) The night before we rolled in to our hotel late and unpacked the car and ding dong me left the interior light on so AAA got a silly phone call from me in the morning.  Ooopsie.  After the jump we had to drive around for an hr to charge it up again and came across Hale House Vintage. 

A cute and tiny little shop that jumps out at you. 

When you live in Texas, you see these beauties all over the place.  You can't help but stop to take a peek inside and then all of your gypsy blood starts boiling and you want to hop in and travel the US tucked in this cozy little slice of heaven.  Shiny.  SO shiny. (Also, not for

 Oh look what we found inside!!

One of my life goals is to own a sign like this. Not sure if I want it to say something snarky or simple.  I just LOVE these!!!!

Love this color.  Love the memories these chairs bring back.  Love the rust.

If you are in Fort Worth, stop by Hale House Vintage and say hi to Bekah Hale, the owner.  
She will greet you with a lovely smile and share some amazing spots to see in the city.

(you will see where we ended up in the next blog post)

The shop also carries a few little Fartsy Arts pieces!!  
I am proud to be a part of such an amazing store!

Hale House Vintage - WEBSITE
Hale House Vintage - FACEBOOK

 or visit them at

1800 Montgomery Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Have a great day!!