Wednesday, August 31, 2011

glamorous gloomy day

I love waking up to a dark bedroom, wondering what time it is. I feel refreshed and my body wakes up naturally. It really is the best way to wake up. I have a cute little alarm on my phone when I absolutely HAVE TO get woken up, but it doesn't beat a morning like today.

Gloomy days happen all too often in the winter, but something about them during the spring and summer months make them so lovely.

I love this little illustration by Hong Kong artist and blogger that goes by Karden Whatever. The colors remind me of those days that the pink in the clouds look just like this.

Today, I plan to get lost in the clouds and enjoy the day. Here are some things on my to-do list:

  • Take a nice hot shower and wrap myself in a comfy robe.
  • Discover a new artist to listen to through Spotify.
  • Doodle on my iPad.
  • Vacuum (yes, I really do enjoy this)
  • Brush Peanut the bunny and give him some kisses.
  • Make a snack of fresh strawberries, banana and yogurt.
  • Look through some old art books I found and admire the paintings.
  • Finalize some plans for my 30th b-day road trip with my beau.

What is on your rainy, gloomy day agenda?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

weekend shennanigans

Today is an exciting day.. not only is it Saturday but it's also the kick off to the People's Arts Festival in Detroit!!

I have never been to the Russell Industrial Center but I hear it's a must. I am hoping that we get a chance to go visit today or tomorrow.

Chris and Tiffany Best, owners of the wonderful and new Rust Belt Market in Ferndale, MI have gathered some of their artist's goods to showcase in their tent. Tons of goodies under one canopy!!

I was fortunate enough to be accepted as a vendor last weekend at the Rust Belt for the first time and had a blast. Not only did I get to experience some awesome local and live musical acts, but I was surrounded by lovely and creative neighbors! I highly recommend checking out this place if you can get to Ferndale. Visit their website for hours and address. You can sign up to be a vendor through that site as well!!

I was asked if I wanted to showcase some items at the People's Art Festival under the Rust Belt tent. Go check out a bunch of indie shops all in one spot and see some Fartsy Arts too!

Happy Saturday!

What are your plans?

Friday, August 26, 2011

That's right you're not from Texas But Texas wants you anyway

This morning's post deserves a great big "Howdy Y'all!"

Last night I went to bed pretty early, I must have needed some extra sleep and I must say, it was worth it!

This morning I woke up to an e-mail from a fella in Austin that I wrote about a rental for Austin City Limits weekend, which also happens to be my birthday weekend. We truly wanted to spend it there with friends but I don't think it is going to work out. Oh ACL.. you really put a damper on things!!!

But, there was some good that came out of things. I may have found a potential dwelling!! I think that the moving date will be the end of October to arrive in Austin on November 1st!! I am about to burst at the seems with excitement.

In honor of this day, I am posting my Cowboy and Cowgirl picture frame on Etsy. Isn't it darling??

Find it here!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

starting anew.

Hello faithful fartsy arts fans, friends, and new followers.

Today is a new day..a new blog and a new outlook on the biz and about things in general.

It's a gloomy day out today in my 'hood but thats O.K.! I am feeling motivated, while that may not last everyday, today it is here and it's going to work.

My last year:
It's been a bit of a struggle. A year ago I graduated grad school. I moved from South Carolina back to Michigan. I was more educated, jobless, and broke. Needless to say I was a bit lost after having devoted 15 months to writing papers, teaching, going to class, and every once in a while enjoy a bit 'o fun with my friends.

The last year has been hard for me to find my place. When I was about to graduate, I had ambitions to relocate to Texas, transfer my certification, get a job, and start a career. My dream bubble was popped when my last loan from school didn't go through. I had to juggle a summer class and a job to pay my last couple months of rent, get food assistance, sell my stuff, and accept the fact I was moving back to the mitten.

Coming back to the mitten had its perks. My other half was here but so was the snow. I have always felt in a funk in this state and have tried to hold my chin up, but when you have a feeling something is not right, it's hard to swallow it and keep on truckin' after a while. But I did. I completed training to be a sub in the schools. I hated it. It made me realize how much I had to have my own classroom. While I met some AMAZING art teachers that helped me along the way, the kids showed no respect and walking into a new situation every day was less than desirable. I don't know how people make careers of being a sub!

I don't even know what I did during the winter months. I think my brain blocked it out but eventually I had to find something. I now work for a wonderful local family where I watch two little boys. They are funny, energetic, and very artistic. As much as I love this work, I can't help but become eager to move forward with my ambitions.

My certification is now complete it Texas and I am off to search for that perfect position where I change the world!!! Watch out!! Mama is on the move!!

In the meantime, I am fully motivated to really become successful with my little biz. There are two books I am ready to cuddle with and get things going.

I love the illustrations in this little book. While there are no tabs, there are pages and pages of valuable information. This book definitely calls for fun post-it notes, but I guess I can deal with that...who doesn't love a new pack of post-its?!

Craft Inc. is great! It is a Virgo's dream planner. With cute little tabs that separate sections, it includes pricing worksheets, plan-o-grams, a show packing list, and SOOOO many other goodies. I am excited to grab my pencil (yes, pencil - change is good!!) and start from the beginning!

It is now time to begin but not before I share one more tid bit o' info I got in my inbox today.

Crissy Herron of Indie Biz Chicks is offering a fantastic deal to attend a VIRTUAL conference to learn about:

  • WordPress Websites For Indie Businesses
  • PR 101 For Small Businesses
  • How To Use Twitter To Engage Journalists & Reporters (and get press!)
  • Working With Brands (learn how to partner with national companies)
  • Show Me The Money! Connect With The Modern Bride And Get More Business
  • How To Make Money With Your Blog
  • Write Your Book In 90 Days
  • How To Brand (And Re-Brand) Your Biz
  • Blog Evolution: Turning your blog into a live medium
  • How To Get 3 New Clients In 30 Days
  • Skip The Multi-tasking: Learn How To REALLY Be Productive
  • Streamlining Your Marketing
Register here... I know I will be there!!