Wednesday, August 31, 2011

glamorous gloomy day

I love waking up to a dark bedroom, wondering what time it is. I feel refreshed and my body wakes up naturally. It really is the best way to wake up. I have a cute little alarm on my phone when I absolutely HAVE TO get woken up, but it doesn't beat a morning like today.

Gloomy days happen all too often in the winter, but something about them during the spring and summer months make them so lovely.

I love this little illustration by Hong Kong artist and blogger that goes by Karden Whatever. The colors remind me of those days that the pink in the clouds look just like this.

Today, I plan to get lost in the clouds and enjoy the day. Here are some things on my to-do list:

  • Take a nice hot shower and wrap myself in a comfy robe.
  • Discover a new artist to listen to through Spotify.
  • Doodle on my iPad.
  • Vacuum (yes, I really do enjoy this)
  • Brush Peanut the bunny and give him some kisses.
  • Make a snack of fresh strawberries, banana and yogurt.
  • Look through some old art books I found and admire the paintings.
  • Finalize some plans for my 30th b-day road trip with my beau.

What is on your rainy, gloomy day agenda?

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