Thursday, August 25, 2011

starting anew.

Hello faithful fartsy arts fans, friends, and new followers.

Today is a new day..a new blog and a new outlook on the biz and about things in general.

It's a gloomy day out today in my 'hood but thats O.K.! I am feeling motivated, while that may not last everyday, today it is here and it's going to work.

My last year:
It's been a bit of a struggle. A year ago I graduated grad school. I moved from South Carolina back to Michigan. I was more educated, jobless, and broke. Needless to say I was a bit lost after having devoted 15 months to writing papers, teaching, going to class, and every once in a while enjoy a bit 'o fun with my friends.

The last year has been hard for me to find my place. When I was about to graduate, I had ambitions to relocate to Texas, transfer my certification, get a job, and start a career. My dream bubble was popped when my last loan from school didn't go through. I had to juggle a summer class and a job to pay my last couple months of rent, get food assistance, sell my stuff, and accept the fact I was moving back to the mitten.

Coming back to the mitten had its perks. My other half was here but so was the snow. I have always felt in a funk in this state and have tried to hold my chin up, but when you have a feeling something is not right, it's hard to swallow it and keep on truckin' after a while. But I did. I completed training to be a sub in the schools. I hated it. It made me realize how much I had to have my own classroom. While I met some AMAZING art teachers that helped me along the way, the kids showed no respect and walking into a new situation every day was less than desirable. I don't know how people make careers of being a sub!

I don't even know what I did during the winter months. I think my brain blocked it out but eventually I had to find something. I now work for a wonderful local family where I watch two little boys. They are funny, energetic, and very artistic. As much as I love this work, I can't help but become eager to move forward with my ambitions.

My certification is now complete it Texas and I am off to search for that perfect position where I change the world!!! Watch out!! Mama is on the move!!

In the meantime, I am fully motivated to really become successful with my little biz. There are two books I am ready to cuddle with and get things going.

I love the illustrations in this little book. While there are no tabs, there are pages and pages of valuable information. This book definitely calls for fun post-it notes, but I guess I can deal with that...who doesn't love a new pack of post-its?!

Craft Inc. is great! It is a Virgo's dream planner. With cute little tabs that separate sections, it includes pricing worksheets, plan-o-grams, a show packing list, and SOOOO many other goodies. I am excited to grab my pencil (yes, pencil - change is good!!) and start from the beginning!

It is now time to begin but not before I share one more tid bit o' info I got in my inbox today.

Crissy Herron of Indie Biz Chicks is offering a fantastic deal to attend a VIRTUAL conference to learn about:

  • WordPress Websites For Indie Businesses
  • PR 101 For Small Businesses
  • How To Use Twitter To Engage Journalists & Reporters (and get press!)
  • Working With Brands (learn how to partner with national companies)
  • Show Me The Money! Connect With The Modern Bride And Get More Business
  • How To Make Money With Your Blog
  • Write Your Book In 90 Days
  • How To Brand (And Re-Brand) Your Biz
  • Blog Evolution: Turning your blog into a live medium
  • How To Get 3 New Clients In 30 Days
  • Skip The Multi-tasking: Learn How To REALLY Be Productive
  • Streamlining Your Marketing
Register here... I know I will be there!!

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