Friday, September 2, 2011

a Virgo's high... the organized studio

Ahhhh!! a Virgo's paradise!

For the last two days I have been organizing my art room. After working hard to make stuff for a few shows, this poor space has been used, abused, and neglected. It was time to put stuff away, organize some loose treasures, and get an inspirational space back so I can create!!

I love this room. I am so lucky that my better half let me move in and take over this room as a studio. It has great lighting and a great vibe. My only complaint today is the HEAT!! too much sunshine and a 2nd floor room in an old house doesn't get too much AC....but that is tiny compared to the happiness it brings me.

I would like to share a few of my favorite little things.

This is one of my favorite little things in this room. It's just a simple little sketchbook but it holds so many goodies inside!!! After I go to a show, or purchase something, I immediately come home and put a business card in here!!

It is so great to have all my cards in one space. I hate when they are loose so what I do is separate the cards with a blank back from the cards with info on the back. The blank ones I glue in and the ones that are two sided I staple, just in case I need the info/website on the back. I started out by organizing into sections, but now I just throw them in. It is great because I have a little bit of space around each card to make notes. This book gets me excited when a birthday comes up or the holidays approach because it gives me an excuse to visit all these great artist's websites and shop handmade!!

I am in the process of organizing my fabrics the same way. I plan to attach these small swatches of fabric that I have into a book that is sectioned into two sections: Mas o menos (more or less.) One section will have swatches of fabric that I have a little of...for small projects and the other will have swatches of fabric that I have lots make cool new outfits!!

This piece was a GREAT surprise!! It was 50% off at Michaels one day!! It is perfect to separate the old photos I use in my work. I am also trying to get my greeting cards organized. This has slats that you slide in the drawer that separates each section. Great thing about it is if you want to store a box or something larger, take the slat out and instant extra space!!! Highly recommended!

This is probably my favorite wall in my room. I have old letterpress drawers that I am using for rubber stamp storage. I love looking at all of my stamps. They get my creativity flowing!! My laptop is usually facing this way because it gives me happy tingles in my tummy!!

These little shadow boxes were my moms. She used to store her mini perfume bottles in them but gave them to me! They serve the same purpose for my smaller stamps.

This tiny little shelf hold only a VERY SMALL handful of some fun favorite on here is the tiny Frida Khalo figurine I purchased for ONE DOLLAR! Her head comes off too! why? I have no clue. The rest of my stuff is packed for my move. It's so hard to not unpack it and just put it up for the remainder of my stay. Needless to say, I will probably cry when I have to give up this room.

Ah!!! BOOOKS!! I lovvvvveeeee books!!! This, again, is just a VERY SMALLLLL collection of my books. This antique dresser was a South Carolina Craigslist find that I love. $50 bucks!

I was going through some things in storage and found all of my Essential artist books! Time to get cracking on my art history lesson plans. No excuse now.. they are staring at me!

That concludes my mini tour......van Gogh hopes you have a great day!! Thanks for visiting!!

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