Monday, September 12, 2011

Kerrytown BookFest - 2011 recap

September 11th was the day of the 9th annual Kerrytown BookFest in Ann Arbor, MI. Thanks to Kate Kehoe of Chicalookate, I was able to snatch up a last minute cancellation. Boy, was I lucky!! Not only was this the most beautiful day, it was close to home, I had a super fabulous location, I met amazing people, and got to see some local crafty lovelies - Nicole Ray of Sloe Gin Fizz and Amanda from Dang Argyle. Fab Nicole took home the prize for the best display... unfortunately I didn't get to snap a photo but she always has these amazing props worked into her display like old crates and vintage typewriters. She totally deserved this award.. Congrats to her!!

I am proud of myself for taking the photos that I did. I wish I snapped more but it's hard to focus when you get scooped up in the excitement of shows. Let me share a few...

Every show presents the challenge of setting up, at least for me. Some people have it down to a science..but when you could fill a 10 x 10 tent with merch, it's hard to condense it to a 6 ft. table! EEEP!! What do I bring and what do I leave?? Here is a little peek at the right side of my table.

Here is the left side of my table.

Tip: Purchase bed risers. Bring them to shows. USE THEM!! I cannot remember where I heard this tip. If I could they would get all the credit because THIS has been such a huge help... not only for me but for the customer. It is so much more comfortable for people to look when things are closer to eye level. It's also good for you when you are behind there working on something or just standing.. feels oh so right!

Here is my table all set up. I am very happy with it and will be referring to these photos in the future to recreate this set up.

Here is the lovely Kate Kehoe of Chicalookate! She's a maker of quote magnets, record bowls, and record cover notebooks. (I have 3 polka notebooks that go EVERYWHERE with me) She is also a talented photographer and she creates coasters, notebooks, magnets, pocket mirrors and so much more with her awesome photos! (I have the cutest pocket mirror from her too!) She purchased one of my necklaces and was sporting it at the show. Thanks to this fab lady I was able to get in as a vendor!

Cute mother-daughter sport Fartsy Arts necklaces. Mom purchased a large, chunky, 2 in. camera pendant and adorable daughter got the Peter Pan Peanut Butter necklace!

This lovely volunteer who's husband had a booth a couple spots over from me purchased one of my funky headbands!!

Lynn Yates - Exhibitor Committee Chair was so freakin' sweet and bubbly! She came by and scooped up one of my new notebook necklaces that was finished at 2 a.m. the night before. Thanks Lynn!!


This woman was so nice! She was working on binding a book with this little contraption. I zoomed over to check it out and got a little mini lesson about book binding. She had what she called a "caterpillar stitch" which was stitched along the front and back of this tiny book. I can't really explain but, it's worth a Google!

Some of my newer necklaces and my earrings. The two pieces on the bottom are my new line of jewelry holders made from antique letterpress drawers! Soon to be listed on Etsy. Custom colors available too!

Hope you enjoyed the mini tour!

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  1. What a great recap! Your booth looked great.

    Austin's not gonna know what hit 'em! :D