Monday, November 7, 2011

Tasty Treats for Tuesday

So here we go...bringing a fresh new topic for Tuesdays!

I wanted to expand the topics on my blog because while I love posting about art, I think there are many forms of art and Tuesdays are dedicated to the art of cooking, eating, creating, baking, and all things FOOD!!

I am very excited to introduce my first feature to you all.

I met Kelly of Kelly's Recipes back in 2005 when we both became AmeriCorps members with DownriverCARES in Southgate, Michigan. If you don't know, AmeriCorps is the domestic version of Peace Corps. Kelly and I both served local Head Starts where we were responsible for parent/child interaction groups and running a Family Resource Center and we were expected to complete community service every Friday.

I think this photo says a lot about dedication and determination......AND, they got the bush out.

Kelly has amazing leadership skills, motivation, and always has a smile on her face. There were many days where we were doing community service and felt as if we couldn't finish our work because of exhaustion and Kelly was always there cheering us on. After her service with our AmeriCorps chapter, she found her way to AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps) as a Team Leader, where she served areas in the gulf such as New Orleans, dedicated to clean up and rebuilding.

Kelly now teaches in Chicago public schools and I am always excited to see her fundraising posts as she helps her school and her classroom get valuable materials for the kids to use. She is a huge inspiration and now with her website, she has added another thing to her resume.

She is still serving her people, now it's just through our bellies!!!

Here is what Kelly had to say about her new website, Kelly's Recipes:

My love of cooking has grown in the last few years. Being a pescatarian (a vegetarian that eats seafood) I love to experiment with new vegetables and continue to get new ideas. Lucky for me I started dating a computer programmer and Kelly's Recipes began. Not only is Aaron my web developer he is also my food critic. ;)

Kelly's Recipes is a great way for my friends family and I to share our favorite recipes with each other and the world. One of our most shared recipes is They are a must try! This fall I have been experimenting with many different fall foods some of my favorites so far include pumpkin alfredo, and apple butter. There are many more to come!

If you have any delicious recipes that you would like to share or any suggestions feel free to send a message on

Happy Cooking!


Hope you all find some fabulous recipes to share with you and your loved ones...great for the upcoming holiday season!!!


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