Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What is the weirdest thing YOU have seen??

Be prepared to go down a couple different roads in this post.. I don't exactly know where I am going but I hope it's interesting....

I hope that you visited Kelly's Recipes yesterday, if not, please do. There are lots of yummy things on there. I guess after browsing some more myself, I got really hungry. I even completed the Best Food Ever TV series narrated by the lovely John Goodman. I was excited to see that one of my FAVORITE food carts here in Austin was high on the top 10 list of food carts in the country! They even featured my FAVORITE....Chicken Cone!!

OK..OK.. before I start to drool more thinking about food, on to the weird and wacky thing(s) I found for today. Now, let me first say that with the D.I.Y. movement that is happening across the nation, there are very few things that actually surprise me. I have seem some pretty weird things. This, is not so weird.. but I like it.

This funky little number comes from artist Joy Kampia. If you visit her site, you will find a few other "food" outfits as well as some really well done crocheted food items...Makes ya hungry!!

I want to wear a hamburger!!

I think this post is going to take a turn. While I love the hamburger dress...I think I can do better. Digging through my noggin to think of something wacky that I have seen, I remembered this little (OK..not so little) show in Hudson, OH.

My lovely friend Lori of Basement Art Creations referred me to this show and I convinced one of my besties to get to work, make some inventory, and share a booth with me. We drove, in a BLIZZARD and through tons of construction to get to this hotel that was in the middle of no where.

We set up at Oddmall this past holiday season, and well, the name fits. One vendor that definitely stood out was a woman who had taken old porcelain dolls and turned them into zombies.. as if those collectible porcelain dolls aren't creepy enough. I scoured the Internet to try and find this vendor but it was no use..I couldn't find her BUT I did find these which make me giggle...

This is artist Jessica Harrison. I encourage you to take a look at her site. There you will find not only these dolls, but she has these unbelievably creepy pieces of furniture that looks as if they were made of skin.

I am intrigued, yet disturbed at the same time.

THAT is what makes a good piece of art.. mixed emotions!

Happy hump day folks!


  1. I know right!!! but I love it all!! wait 'til next weeks!! hehe