Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weird Wednesday!!!

This post is TOTALLY credited to my lovely friend (which I am sure she will love) Amanda L. of Love Your Body Detroit - a non-profit organization bringing awareness of fat hatred and stigma to our community in Detroit, MI.

Amanda and I clicked right away when we met..well at least I thought we did. I remember she had this awesome t-shirt on that was screen printed to look like there was a banana in her pocket. A T-Shirt says a lot about a person's personality and I dug it.

We met during boot camp for the Detroit Derby Girls. Sadly, I never got to really knock her down (which is not meant to be violent.. it really is a compliment to want to do that to someone) but we bonded over a John Mayer concert and have been friends ever since.

Why am I giving you all of this back story? Well, it is to clue you in on some of the craziness that happens when we get together. There are lots of laughs, weird subjects that are discussed, serious subjects, and usually beer or sangria (which never really helps, haha!)

Amanda does a lot of activism within the community.

Where you can find her:


I highly encourage you to check her out!!!!

Now.... moving forward to the weird part of the post. The other night we were Skyping (which I am totally obsessed with since I am now living far from everyone these days) and she told me to Google something. As I was typing I hear her roommate scream in terror as if what I was about to watch was going to be so horrible!! I can't lie and say that I wasn't scared. There have been times where my "friends" tell me to watch something that has scarred me to this day. But, this was not of them. This video actually almost made me soil my pants from laughing so hard. It combines whacky, weird, awkward, and a whole lot of other things that can't really be put into words.

The video features Joy Nash who runs the Fat Rant Blog. I love her confidence, her humor, and her message.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a child...under the age of 13.. you should not watch. NOPE. I can tell if you are.

To those who have already seen this and it's old news, well, you are cooler than me.


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