Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday's Featured Fabulousness.....and we're back!

Welcome to week three of me sharing some of my favorite shops with you...just in time for holiday shopping!

Let's get started!!

Sweet and Dirty's Emporium of Good Stuff!!
Knoxville, TN

These one-of-a-kind creations are perfect to spruce up any outfit. The color combos and the layering of fabrics is so funky, I love it! They offer several color combos and no two are the same. Best of all, these fabrics are being recycled into a mini work of art!!

They offer another style for those who like more "simple" designs. These are anything but simple, with the lovely geometric detailing, and limited color palette, these are sure to make a statement!

Be sure to visit Etsy to view Sweet and Dirty's shop and to see where else you can find them on the web!

Pixey Meat
Detroit, MI
Etsy Shop

This shop from Detroit has everything you need or could want when it comes to funky!
Have you been looking for a tooth pendant? {they got it!}
Love steampunk? {they got it!}

Sparkly, creepy, and kitschy, this shop has it all.

, NC

Etsy Shop
{more stuff on her website}

I am a HUGE fan of mixed media art.
I love the textures, the colors, the layering of different media. It gives me tingles....really, it does.

Maria of artyes has amazing talent and creates beautifully balanced artwork that has fabulous color combinations and wonderful use of pattern. Combine that with a variety of subject matter and you can't stop looking at each piece.

Make sure to visit her website to see her gallery of work.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks artists!!

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