Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another Monday ready for fabulousness?

Happy Monday to you all!!

Today we have some lovely features. Let's go....

~ u n o~

Knockabout -
(Peculiar Pets)

I own a cute bunny that has a black eye and a bomb....totally reminds my of my rebellious Peanut!!

Using repurposed damaged vintage bedspreads and eco-friendly fiber fill that is 80% recycled plastic water bottles they make great gifts for kids or adults...I can attest to the adult part.

~D O S~

Jennifer Pilchak of Lilly Pea Designs - Shop Lilly Pea Designs on Etsy
(Greeting cards, invitations, stationary sets, and gifts!)

Here are just a couple of my favs from her wide selection of goodies.


~T R E S~

Buncombe Buckles -

OK. So, I am not type of person that wears a belt. Let's just say I was not blessed with the body that can pull it off like this model...but these buckles make me want to wear belts everyday and MAKE it work!! I love the variety of designs.

My favorite is this mustard yellow buckle! I love favorite shape.. and I am currently OBSESSED with this color.


Hope you enjoyed and remember:

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