Friday, October 21, 2011

Memories of a "victim"


Hope everyone is enjoying their evening whether you are at home snuggled in PJ's watching a movie, crafting, or out for a night on the town.

I am packing...and packing...and packing some more.....

As I dig through all of my material possessions, I am looking through old photos and thought I would share one of my all time favorite photos!!

I am sure I have mentioned my beloved Peanut before... (he even has his own blog:)

This was a photo taken for a featured article on Etsy that discussed the Sneak Attacks from the Handmade Movement.

I was supposed to look "surprised"... like I was caught working. Shhhh.. it is a little posed.. only a little. Peanut helps me make ALL of the important decisions when I work!

-The Sneak Attack-

This was such a wonderful surprise! I will give you the short story...

I had just re-opened my Etsy shop after neglecting it for a very long time, when I received this mysterious, and somewhat creepy, conversation from kitsandcaboodles:

"I know you dont know me but I'm sponsoring a sneak attack tonight and you were the chosen "victim"! Dont worry! Thats a good thing!

Go check out the thread we have going and get yourself ready! You might want to sit down!

Have a great night!

Eeeep! I should sit down?? Woah.. what is this about!

I told my boyfriend that something exciting is about to happen!!! We had a chuckle and sat there a bit confused.

I had a feeling I would enjoy being a "victim."

I read the thread that came with the conversation, understood that basically the rules were this:

-an Etsy shop sponsors your Sneak Attack
-people purchase things from your shop.

The Handmade Movement is the home of the Sneak Attack. You can participate in helping new shops get noticed and start their business. It's fun! Whether you are a victim OR a customer.

(visit the link to see the latest "victims")

I sat down to my e-mail and watched the sales come in!!! It was a wonderful way to get my shop rolling. They all had the nicest things to say and were all so supportive. I participated as a customer to help a woman get her greeting card business going.

Win. Win.

The next attack is on the 24th. Go check it out!

again------> The Handmade Movement <--------- visit for details.

Read the rest of the article and see the other victims HERE


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