Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday's Featured Fabulousness.....

Good Monday to you all!!

The other day I announced on my Facebook page that I am going to start my Monday's off by featuring some talented folks.

I love going to shows and seeing all this talent and creativity under one roof. Unfortunately, times are hard and when I go I can never really buy much. If you have ever been a vendor at a show, you probably know that person that collects all the business cards and says,

"I LOVE your stuff!! I can't shop today but I will be back."

GUILTY!!!!! (are you guilty too?)

BUT, when I say it, I really do mean it.

I totally support indie businesses.

I love supporting local folks doing what they love.

In an effort to keep tabs on all of this talent that I run into, I have created a little catalog of businesses and shops.

(You may have seen this photo a few posts down.)

I now have 3 of these notebooks. You can see in the photo that there is some white space around the cards. This is (sloppily) done intentionally so that I can make notes if I ever see something that would be that PERFECT gift for someone. I can mark it down and be totally prepared for birthdays, holidays, and special events. (ha! Yea right) Good intentions, right? I always deliver, not always on time. Eh...

So... here we go:


Tracey Tilly - Studio Thirty Four
(Photography - Detroit Local!! woooot!)

Fab photos that feature some portraits and Detroit hang outs like the Garden Bowl, Majestic, and Northern Lights.


Lori Brown - Lori Brown Etsy & Blog
(handcrafted curiosities)

I own one of these cute creatures. So lovely!

Plushies too!!


Gabriel Shaffer - Gabriel
(amazing paintings)
I love the colors and textures in these paintings!!!!
Visit the website to see soooo much more!

Hope you enjoyed and remember:

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