Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Is anyone terribly behind on getting caught up after the holidays? 

I am.

Every second of the day I feel guilty but I am one of those people who cannot work unless the space around me is clean.  My need for organization is blamed on me being a Virgo instead of the fact that I may be a little OCD about organizing, labeling, and all things storage.  

I can't remember when this happened to me, but one day I woke up and loved to sort, loved to clean, and loved to put things away. Part of me feels that because of my gypsy blood that pumps through my veins, I have always been on the move so I tend to keep my life packed in boxes and almost ready to go at a moments notice.  Maybe my soul feels another move coming on?  Or.....maybe I am just procrastinating.  I think it's the latter.

I found this lovely picture from Hyperallergic and it couldn't be more correct.  Especially the last box.  

What do YOU do to get out of your funk?  What do you do to procrastinate?

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely can not be creative until everything around me is clean! Unfortunately, I haven't been creative in a bit........