Monday, July 29, 2013

A wave hello.

Hey folks!

How's it been going?  It's been a whirlwind of busy in my neck of the woods.  I recently moved to a cute little hidden home in central Austin, which has been a bit of an adjustment, only because I left all of my comforts that were in my 'hood but I am quickly finding that I am loving it here even if it's a bit Austin weird.  That is what I am here for, right?  I have had nothing but weird living situations since I moved here so why would I expect this to be any different? 

Welcome to my kitchen.  Something I didn't really have in my last house.  I am excited to build some pieces and re-purpose some others that I look forward to finding either by thrifting or dumpster diving!

I love the half tile, half wall decor in the kitchen.  It's very old and large and CUTE!  And check out my view and the size of that YARD!!  Par-tay!

I am currently running Fartsy Arts full time and have been trying to surround myself with colors, art, and inspiration.  So far it's working because I feel pretty confident about the level of production in preparation for the holidays this year.  Starting in July is something that I have always strived to do but never quite got there.  My Etsy shop is finally getting stocked with ALL new stuff.  WOAH. Right? So. Much. Excitement!

A lot of my time has been spent at TechShop here in Round Rock-Austin.  They have laser cutters. OMG drool.  It has allowed me to expand my business in ways I never believed was possible.  They have the DC's (Dream Consultants - WHAT!???) there to help at all times with any questions you have and a community of makers that serve as endless inspiration and brain storming sessions.  If you have a TechShop near you... GO. Join. DO IT!

In the upcoming weeks I will have a lot of new product releases.  I have a lot of ideas up my sleeve that I plan to start executing this week, so stay tuned!!

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Happy Monday and hope your week is filled with adventure!


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